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Our gorgeous girly crochet bags and mermaid purses are just the thing to give the ladies in your life a treat!  


The bags are crafted with the Jasmine crochet stitch which provides a wonderful padded effect, and are finished off with colourful statement flowers to generate extra admiration for the owner.

The mermaid purses are covered with crocheted seashells, lined with sleek blue velvet and fastened with an iridescent seashell button.  Their glittery wool creates a shimmer that any mermaid would be proud of!

Handmade Bags

Our gorgeous handmade bags are the perfect gift for the ladies in your life, or just as a treat for yourself.


Hand-made to order, every one of these bags features gorgeous designs and colours, and is guaranteed to fit the purpose, whether it's shopping, picnics, self-pampering or just showing off your wonderful taste.


With a great selection of fabulous prints to choose from, these beautiful bags have each been designed especially to

brighten up your day! 

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